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 S I T E   S T A T I S T I C S

 F R I E N D S

 S E A R C H   I N   G O O G L E
 M E D I A   &   V I D E O

vocals - Denis Savchenkov
guitar – Ruslan Semikin
guitar – Sergey Shishkin
drums – Igor Pul`.
bass – Oleg Nochevnyi
keys - Tat`yana Efimenko

1. Rebellion 05:37
2. My Life belongs to You 05:15
3. Between Sky and the Earth 05:56
4. Trial 06:02
5. The Spirit of Great Russia 06:40
6. I Am Sorry... 05:42
7. Money Manage The World 04:58
8. Grandpa! 03:04
9. Bonustrack: Rebellion(English version) 05:37

The band would like to thank: Aleksey Nagdasov, Oleg Nochevnyi, Alexey Dobrynin, the Pavlovskiy, Alexandr Shiryaev and all friends and fans!

Sound producing and mastering: Aleksey Nagdasov
Painter: Alexey Korostelev
Design & make up: Alexey Dobrynin

©2008-2009 THE FIFTH OCEAN



 What is your favorite music composition? 
   My Life belongs to You
   Between Sky and the Earth
   The Spirit of Great Russia
   I Am Sorry...
   Money Manage The World


© 2008-2009
The Fifth Ocean group
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