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The 5th ocean`s history

The «Fifth Ocean» («Pyaty Okean») was originated on the 23rd of March, 2003, on the basis of the two other groups- «The Lost Time» («Poteryannoe Vremya») (vocals and drums - Denis Savchenkov, bass – Olga Guseva, guitar – Dmitry Volkov and Oleg Shishkin) and «Demidrol» (guitar – Dmitry Dmitriev «Belyi», bass – Alexey Anisimov, drums – Kirill Markin).

The both groups took their rehearsal on the only rock-stage of the town. And certainly the Fate (the one that rules everything in the Universe ) brought the guys, Shishkin and Savchenkov,to that stage a half an hour earlier, and it was as well predestined that they should have seen the rehearsal of the well-known «Demidrol».

At the end of April the same year Shishkin and Savchenkov leave their band and start the intensive co-work with the guys from the «Demidrol». Within a month, at the annual 1st- May - pop-festival «Rock. Pop. Jazz» the new band called «The Fifth Ocean» («Pyaty Okean») performs the Heavy-Metal-Remakes of the most patriotic songs «Katyusha» and «The Victory Day» («Den` Pobedy») ((the songs written and being sung by the Russians during the World War II)).

It took only a month for Denis Savchenkov, Dmitry Dmitriev, Alexey Anisimov and Kirill Markin to be beloved by the audience and the contest jury – they even sang together. And it was «The Fifth Ocean» who got the diploma «For the best extraordinary arrangement».

By the beginning of the winter after taking part in two other concerts the guys decided to pause for breath. They got together again only in March, 2006. This year at the annual festival «Rock. Pop. Jazz» they took a decision to perform their own songs. «The Rage Way» («Doroga Yarosti» – the title of the song speaks for itself) and the lyrical ballad «Love Cannot Be Compelled» («Serdcu Ne Prikazhesh») were introduced in the performance – list. The least song, by the way, is constantly being performed at the audience’s request.

The next performance takes place on the 15th of March, the same year, in the local club «Tekstil`schchik», the festival «ROCK - CALL», where the guys sing the song «My Grandpa» for the first time.

This is the first wave in the history of the «The Fifth Ocean». After this performance the arguments took place within the band. Dmitry Dmitriev («Belyi») and Alexey Anisimov leave the band. They are changed by the bassist Artem Dubinin and the guitarist Ruslan Semikin (ex-«Khimera» members). And soon after their first open-air concert (which took place in Repnoe, Saratov Region) Dmitry Akunin, the school friend of Ruslan Semikin, started playing the bass-parts.

By the beginning of the autumn 2006 «The Fifth Ocean» includes:

vocals - Denis Savchenkov
bass – Dmitry Yakunin
guitar – Ruslan Semikin
guitar – Sergey Shishkin
drums – Kirill Markin.

It was this band, which, in spite of all the difficulties, started recording the DVD «The Rehearsal», the new song «The Rebellion», the versions «Forgive Me» and «The Lost Time».

On the 13th of January 2007 the most significant (in the quantity of the participants and fans) concert in the history of the band took place. «The Fifth Ocean» was lucky to finish it. The guys included the well-known songs in their playblock.

And again the changes in the group… Artyom Traktirkin comes to change the bass part of Kirill Markin. But it was not to be performed at the annual rock-pop-jazz festival – the rain fell suddenly in the middle of the concert.

In the middle of June Dmitry Yakunin leaves the band. And on the 28th of June the band goes to another festival in Rtischchevo with the new bass-guitarist Ivan Chuev. And on the 30th of July on the one and the same stage with the «The Grimm Brothers» («Bratya Grimm»- a famous Russian rock group) «The Fifth Ocean» plays its programm during the festival «Moving Summer» («Mobil`noe Leto»).

After coming back home a new change takes place: Igor Pul` is at the drums instead of Artyom Traktirkin. In this set the group contributes to the charity concert «Help The Children- Share Your Warmth».

On the 10th of January the studio version of the song «The Rebellion» appears. After this the group decides to record their debut album, the draft title «The Spirit of the Great Russia» («Dukh Velikoy Rusi»), after the title of the song. The hard work on the songs begins from the end of January, and ends on the 30th of June, 2008. Its official title is «Between the Sky and the Earth» («Mezhdu Nebom I Zemlyoi»).

At lots of requests the band decides to record «The Rebellion» in English.

To be continued…
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